Tips For Marketing Healthcare To Seniors

Since seniors are the largest users of medications and healthcare services, it make sense to push healthcare marketing efforts in their direction. Although seniors ages 65 and up do not frequently turn to the internet for medical needs, those in the age range of 55 to 64 do. This means that marketing healthcare to seniors online will be well worth it in the up and coming years. Here are some easy marketing healthcare tips to help reach this target market.

Outline Side Effects and Safety

Research shows that the senior market is more receptive to ads that give information about the safety and side effects of medications. Along with this, they want to hear about common medical conditions that effect their age group and how they can deal with them. Marketers that include this information in their ads will have a better chance of getting results from the 65 and up age bracket.

Use Humor and Color

Studies show that in general, adults respond well to ads that include humor, with seniors in particular enjoying them more than others. It has also been found that this age group likes to see ads that use vibrant color schemes as well as those that are pleasing to the eye. Knowing this bit of information should encourage marketers to use it to their benefit to produce attention-grabbing ads.

Avoid Forums and Social Media

There is evidence that adults ages 65 and up are not comfortable getting their healthcare information from social media outlets and forums. They feel that information dispensed in this way is not trustworthy or dependable. Marketers targeting this age group will have to use more customary advertising methods to make their efforts worthwhile.